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Conway Cairon T 170 500

Prijs: € 2.499,95


M (46cm)

CAIRON T 170 500

Getting on is easy with the Cairon T 170 – it offers all the features of the more expensive models, and you can decide whether you need a battery capacity of 400 Wh or 500 Wh.TREKKING & TOUR

Our CAIRON T models impress not only with their outstanding equipment, but also with their internal values: No matter whether it’s a 625 Wh Powertube or a 500/400 Wh Powerpack battery, we have the same stylish packaging as with our sporty Cairon models. That’s to say: Full integration in the frame, easy removability, and a high degree of comfort, all thanks to the frame optimized for tours. A high level of reliability, elegant design, extraordinary riding fun, and versatility all come together here – and all at a persuasive price!