De plek voor zowel de sportieve als de recreatieve fietser!

Conway MS 200 Suspension

Prijs: € 379,95


Your gateway to mountain biking? Perfect! Or are you looking for your child’s first bike? Then you’ve found exactly the right bike!KIDS

The sporty entry into the world of mountain biking – for the youngest among us! We’ve paid special attention to the weight of our kids’ bikes as that is an important factor for whether youngsters feel comfortable on the bike or not. While we adults can deal with one or two extra pounds on a bike, for a child, it’s very noticeable: In relation to their bodyweight, every pound can be felt. And so that no one gives up after just a couple of miles: a light bike is the basis for having fun cycling. On top of that, child-friendly equipment, easy handling, and the right wheel sizes for each child – we surely have the right bike to suit you!